On this mission you have to capture aerial supply drops, which come every few minutes near one of three watchtowers. Each side’s points tick down relentlessly unless it captures one of the supply drops, in which case its supply goes up a bit. So by capturing more supply drops than the Germans, you can force them to go to zero before you do. To win gold you must capture the first six supply drops—if you do that the Germans will hit zero points before the 7th drop comes.

Winning this is not much of a challenge on level one or two—the usual range. Getting gold is also not hard, except with a weak company such as Dog Co. Even with Dog Co. you can often manage it, since the Germans (is this a bug?) make hardly any effort to capture the supply drops.

Capturing and holding watchtower points and keeping some of your units close to them—preferably in buildings, or otherwise in cover—is key to winning and to winning gold.

If you lack the fuel to get a lieutenant squad and an HMG, have an RE squad build a firing position then upgrade to hold an HMG when you have 60 muni points.

Even on level one difficulty you will face volksgrens, kubelwagens, and after several minutes a Panzer IV and then a Jagdpanzer. But note that even if your side has little AT power when the Germans bring in tanks, your infantry may just be able to sidestep the armor and grab the last one or two supply drops for the win.