[revised 4 Jan 2021]

You bring to this battle one corps of up to 24 units. Six ~900-man brigades and a few small/medium artillery units under Gen. Anderson are already manning the fortications at two flagged hills, Laurel Hill (north) and Harrison’s Woods (south). Your task is to hold those flagged positions until 12 noon or at any point thereafter—I’m not sure of the cutoff but it’s at least after 1500.

Your first division is available at the start, near the middle of the west edge of the map. Be sure that this first division has six >1,500-man infantry brigades, preferably two-star and with CS Richmond rifles, or five such brigades plus a full-sized 24-lb howitzer unit.

Two from that first group of units go to support Laurel Hill; the rest go to Harrison’s Woods. They must run—they can rest when they arrive.

One of Anderson’s brigades starts out in fortifications NW of Laurel Hill—bring this down to extend/cover the left flank of the defenses at Laurel Hill.

In general, replace Anderson’s smaller (~900-man) CSA units at the fortifications with your larger units, which can deliver much more damage to Union units in range. Also, recombine Anderson’s units into larger units when you can.

The Federals usually start with massed attacks on the Harrison’s Woods positions. If you have beefed up the defenses here with four strong brigades, you should have no trouble throwing back the attack. After a few of those charges, the Union brigades in front of Harrison’s Woods will be too depleted to make a successful attack.

Your first reinforcements should allow you to re-occupy the fortifications NW of Laurel Hill and, from there, flank any attacks on Laurel Hill coming from the north. You can also add to your Harrison’s Woods defenses.

You should find that even with only two or three of your divisions on the field, you have more than enough to hold the Yankees off, and eventually as you turn them to blue dust in front of your fortifications, you can just run the timer on fast-forward.

When your last reinforcements are available, you can beef up your defenses and wait for the battle timer to run down, clicking finish after 12 noon.

Alternatively, if you’re reasonably sure you have an advantage in numbers, you can go for the full annihilation—flanking from the south works well—which will cost CSA but of course cost the Federals much more. You might even be able to destroy every Union unit before the main battle timer runs to zero at 12 noon. If you haven’t taken Alsop’s Fields by then, though, you get at least three hours extra time.