Officer Assassination


Devs’ tinkering has made this not-reliably-winnable.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Victory at Stalingrad

Mission: Winter Storm

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: N/A


Played this recently after several months away—months in which the devs released a new “balance” patch to the game. Was mobbed by a Tiger, several Panzers/StuGs, a flamer-251, grens, a Pak-40, and at least a couple of mortar halftracks, all at once, only about 9 minutes into the mission. That had never happened before. While in principle one could survive it, why bother trying? It’s just stupidly unbalanced and un-fun. My advice is either to skip this one, or start over if you get attacked by an overwhelming force in the first 10 mins. The way to win is to use 4-5 Zis field guns around the central VP, mostly below it, with support from 2-3 HMGs, 1 guards rifle squad, an M5, a T-70 or two to kill elite infantry and mortar halftracks, and 2-3 engineer squads with flamethrowers to cap points—get all three VPs early and hold on.

[updated 19 May 2021]