Winter Defense


Defend one isolated point against ten attack waves by German infantry and vehicles.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Operation Barbarossa

Mission: Winter Defense

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: none (this is a special solo mission)


The early waves are easy to handle, especially if you spread out your defense so that incoming German squads are in a crossfire. Upgrade your engineers with flamethrowers asap. Don’t waste munitions on mines, since you don’t know where enemy vehicles will go, and it is usually possible to kill them for free with PTRS rifles and/or your 45mm AT gun. Make sure at least one of your Guards Rifle infantry squads is upgraded with PTRS. The other Guards Rifle squad can be upgraded with LMGs. Put your sniper unit (when it arrives) in the tower. In general, try to keep your dispositions fluid before a battle so the CPU can’t easily map your weak spots and plan attacks on them. Use your munitions points sparingly so that you can afford IL2 strafing support, which will help when you are facing the Panzer IV and later the StuGs and Tiger.

Waves 1 and 2 bring simple infantry attacks from osttruppen and grenadiers, respectively. Wave 3 brings German HMGs, which you can capture. Wave 4 sees the first vehicles—a couple of scout cars that your captured MG42s and PTRS rifles can handle easily. Wave 5 brings a Panzer IV; by this time you will have the 45mm AT gun. Wave 6 brings snipers—have some squads run out and greet them with traditional Red Army hospitality. Wave 7 you get strafed and pinned by a Stuka–retreat pinned units to free them up.

When you finish Wave 7 you’ve completed the basic mission requirement, but there are three bonus waves. Wave 8 brings German mortars, which you can run out and capture. Three StuGs come in wave 9—use your CAS call-in and try to position your AT gun and PTRS guys to hit them from different angles. A Tiger comes in wave 10. Mortar and sink when it crosses the ice, and until that opportunity arises keep plugging away with your AT rifles and 45mm gun. The Tiger might be preceded by scout cars to blow up any mines in its way, and anyway it’s path differs every time you run this mission, so planting mines or demo charges is not a good strategy against it.