Officer Assassination


Broken on General–forget it


Theater of War Mission Pack: Operation Barbarossa

Mission: The Crimea

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: N/A


The Crimea mission is no longer reliably winnable on General level. You can win it occasionally by using HMGs, bunker-HMGs and Paks to secure the middle-VP, upper-VP, and route to your base, but it will never be anything other than a chance, technical win against an overwhelmingly superior opponent. Apart from the huge bias towards Russia in unit quality and quantity, there is the problem that the German CPU ally has defective coding. It doesn’t build enough units and so it collapses early, leaving the human player to face both Russian armies in the form of non-stop combined-arms attacks from all directions, especially along the route from middle-VP to base. This happens also on Captain level, which is more winnable but still extremely frustrating to play. The Russians have not only superpowered infantry that can rove around and kill anything, but also highly mobile tanks and Katyushas to which the German forces have no effective counter. German 1941 armor (COH2 version) is a worse-than-worthless resource sink, Paks are fragile and slow, and the line of territory that has to be defended in this mission is long. Above all, you are not meant to play these missions 1 v 2. Play with a human partner if you have one; otherwise skip this broken mission.

[updated 23 May 2021]