Tatsinskaya Raid


Based loosely on a real raid, this mission is lively and engaging—but is doable only if you know in some detail what you’ll be up against.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Victory at Stalingrad

Mission: Tatsinskaya Raid

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: None (special solo mission), although you will be given a few special abilities such as tank crew-repair.


First, send all your forces to the territory point on the right side of the airfield. Keep your engineers safe. Try not to destroy the walls between the territory point area and the airfield. Put your KV-8 and two T-34s up front. Around the territory point you will face a swarm of German infantry, plus a StuG that I guess is coded to be extra difficult to kill. Do your best to destroy the StuG without letting it kill any of your tanks, and keep frying and blasting the German infantry units until they stop attacking. Put your halftrack with engineers on the territory point to cap it—this is now your forward operating base (FOB). Repair your tanks using your engineers.

The good news is, you’re in no hurry at all on this mission. When prompted by the UI as to how you want to reinforce, choose the KV-1 (KV-8 is an alternative but the one you start with, properly handled, is enough, whereas you’re really going to need a lot of anti-tank power).

When you have your KV-1s and T-34s in good shape, go out onto the entrance road again with a few tanks, and crash through the wall to hit the southern part of the airfield, focusing on aircraft, infantry, artillery, and especially any Pak-40s. Go back to your FOB for repairs. Be watchful for Pak-40s always. Repeat this process for targets from the bottom of the airfield moving north to the hangars directly across from your FOB. Watch out for Pak-43 fire from the north of those hangars! Also, remember that you can destroy aircraft by driving your tanks through them, not just hitting them with tank fire. Note too that German tanks will often attack you when you are out on the airfield.

When healed up again, take a few units up the right side of the airfield, on both sides of the fence, and kill the right-side Pak-43 crew (hose with KV-8). Back to FOB to heal. Now go out and take out the planes below the tower. Watch out for airstrikes, which are triggered when you venture too close to the tower. Back to FOB to heal. When you have healed again, and have upgraded your M5 with .50s, rush the tower with pretty much everything you have, decrew the Pak-43 below the tower, cap the tower point (use a T-70), and kill any remaining aircraft at the top of the field. Also use your KV-8 and a couple of good tanks to kill any infantry and tanks in the space NW of the tower. Try to survive the airstrike that will hit you—there’s nothing you can do about it, really; it’s basically a built-in cheat you can’t escape.

Now bring in your engineers, if you can get them across the runway, to recrew the left-side Pak-43. Heal your tanks as well as you can. A counter-attack with lots of infantry from all sides, a Tiger, and whatever other tanks remain in the base, will come at you within a minute of your capping the tower. Get your anti-infantry units (KV-8, T-70s, M5) where they can help the most, and get your tanks straightened out to reduce damage from hits. Focus on the Tiger because once you’ve killed it, you’ve won. If necessary, ram it with a T-34 to stun it, and then concentrate fire on it till it’s destroyed.