Stalingrad again!


Theater of War Mission Pack: Victory at Stalingrad

Mission: Stalingrad Resistance

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: Having no commander works just fine, and you should win too quickly to make use of any important commander abilities anyway.


In this bombed-out urban wasteland, you face higher-quality and initially more numerous German forces, who eventually will be supplemented by a Tiger tank. The fuel points are situated so they’re easier for the Germans to reach. The Germans have railway artillery, air bombardment, and air recon from the get-go.

Still, it’s a pretty easy win. One way is to use combinations of engineers (with flamethrowers), conscripts, and HMGs to take/hold the left and right fuel points and routes back to base, then when you have the fuel bring in one KV-1 and head to the German base and kill the (maybe 1 or 2) buildings there.

Another way is to go tankless and focus on holding just the left fuel point and VP. The buildings between and to the right of those points are good for siting HMGs and flamethrower engineers, and these can be supported on the ground with conscripts and mortar teams. Asap, build one M5 halftrack and upgrade with .50s. When you have that, crew your initial Zis gun, and bring your entire force, via the left VP area, to the back left corner of the German base. Stay at the back edge of the map to avoid HMG fire and use the Zis gun and mortars to kill the bunker-HMG at that corner and then the base buildings inside. Use everyone else including the M5 to deal with German infantry. Note that you need to set up that initial defense at the left FP/VP not only to get fuel but to reduce the German force on the map—which starts out huge and will overwhelm you if you simply throw a few squads together and directly rush the base. Also note that on this map German assault grenadiers are stupidly overpowered while Russian penals are almost worthless.

Either way you should win in 10-14 minutes and never face any German armor.