Potentially a great mission, but largely ruined by extreme nerfage.


Theater of War Mission Pack: The Southern Fronts

Mission: Occupation

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: None—this is a special solo mission.


You’re playing as Germany here, and your task is to blast your way into a fortress the Russians have occupied. You have snipers, grenadiers, and pioneers with demo charges, to start.

There must be a lot of different ways to play it, but a winning strategy I have used goes as follows:

Take-the-fort phase:

  • Move around to the right of the fort and attack from there. (You can nab a scout car during your approach, at a house on the right bank of the river, but you’ll have to set up for a firefight and kill about 3 Russian infantry squads to get away with it. Also note munitions boxes scattered around in the dark.)
  • You kill the infantry outside the wall of the fort, mostly with your snipers and LMG-grens, then you use your pios to set a charge at the entrance and blow it. Then you run inside and use snipers from afar, grens and a captured HMG from medium-range, and pios with flamethrowers in the scout car or on foot, to take out most of the infantry within—kill the HMG, commissar squad, and Guards Rifle squads first, and in that order. Take the territory point inside the base asap. When you cap the point, the remaining Russian squads will flee.

Defend-the-fort phase:

  • There will be 5 Russian counter-attack waves. Use a bunker-HMG and regular HMG to cover the right-side entrance. Ditto for the left-side entrance, where your HMG crew can be in the nearby building, and bunker in the yard beside it. Leave the roadways clear for your tanks. First wave is just infantry, but before the second wave starts, try to bring in a StuG and two Paks, and man the Russian T-34 that’s already in the base: cover each entrance with one tank and one Pak. Later add one extra StuG to help where needed.
  • Use your grens, sniper(s), and flamer-pios to kill pinned infantry. Bring in a flamer-251 when you have everything else listed above—flamethrowers are by far the quickest way to kill Russian infantry, though some of their units are buffed so much that they seem nearly unkillable.
  • During wave 2 you will start to see tanks, initially two T-70s which, like most other Russian units, are ridiculously hard to kill with your tanks.
  • Set your forces well back from the entrances, and watch out for the openings in the wall that allow sniper-fire or tossed grenades.
  • Mines you lay at entrances will be detonated randomly by gunfire so are likely to destroy only the first squads in. Demo charges are more controllable and always help, so make sure you have enough pios to lay those. They will be especially useful in wave 5 against the two KV-2s that visit, one through each entrance, and in wave 4 against two Russian T-34/85s.
  • At some point, I think wave 3, you’ll be able to capture a 120mm mortar. Man with pios and place in the center of the base and let it auto-fire to flatten attacking infantry—it will also damage Russian tanks that stay in one place.
  • It’s bad enough that your AT power is heavily nerfed, but you will notice here that your HMGs also are extremely nerfed in effect, especially in later waves, and the CPU will reduce visibility during attacks with smoke and blizzards. Thus you won’t always be able to keep the enemy from coming in and running amok, so try to have a reasonably mobile and layered defense.