Co-op mission in woods (not recognizably “Minsk”) with the usual weak early game followed by dominance mid-game.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Operation Barbarossa

Mission: Minsk

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: Any of the standard 1941 commanders is fine. I personally like the one with 120mm mortars and the call-in CAS. If you want KV-1s, don’t use a commander with call-in KV-1s as that will put KV-1s into tech level 4 (with T-34s), greatly delaying your ability to get them.



Use your engineer squad to build the building for penal squads. Then build a scout car to carry your engineers to cap VPs, muni points, and paths back to base. Build lots of penal squads and the occasional squad car and truck after that, upgrading penals with PTRSs when you can. The Germans seem to have big advantages in squad numbers and vehicles (251s, scout cars) early-game, but when you gang up your penal squads, and some of them have PTRSs, you can reduce the German force quickly. Once you have 4 or 5 penal squads on the map, get a mortar unit to support them against HMGs and bunkers. Try to establish dominance at the central VP and nearby points and then push towards the German base to keep the Germans on the defensive. Send at least one unit to help your ally cap his VP on the lower right of the map. Try to hold all three VPs as early and as consistently as possible. You should win in 20 minutes or so. In the last few minutes your ally should be in the German base with his tanks, but with penals you usually win faster with map control than you can with a base-rush—although you can base-rush with them.

Alternatively, build a few conscript squads to start, focus on fuel points and supply lines, get a couple of KV-1s with mortar support and infantry in trucks, and base-rush.

Playing from the right-side base with either the penal or KV-1 strategy also works. The CPU-ally will hold the left VP, which is close to its base, some of the time. All you have to do is hold the right VP all of the time, wipe German squads with your tanks or penal blobs when you see them, and gradually push towards the German base. If you can destroy the bunker-HMGs guarding the base with an AT gun or mortar, you can enter the base even with your penals and zap the buildings with PTRSs, though in this case it helps to have at least one supporting tank and a truck or two for reinforcement.

[updated 13 May 2021]