Kharkov Pursuit


As difficult as ever, but still do-able.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Case Blue

Mission: Kharkov Pursuit

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: I like one that provides call-in mortar halftracks, but you don’t really need any commander here.


“Kharkov Pursuit” was hard and is now harder, due to various changes made by the devs in the past six months or so.

You can still win, but you’ll need to apply a lot of focus and a lot of micro, and you’ll need to have minimal bad luck.

Basically you bring in 5-6 HMGs and put them in buildings covering from the upper fuel point to the middle VP area. Use your pios to cap points, fuel flow being a higher priority than VPs at first. After you have your 5-6 HMGs, tech up and bring in a 251 and a Pak—just NW of the middle VP is a good, central location. Reinforce squads as needed. Use your HMGs’ armor-piercing rounds to fend off attacks from T-70s and M5s, and bring in the Pak to help as quickly as you can. Tech for tanks and bring in a StuG-III-G. Once you have the StuG you can start to deal with the Russian M5s, T-70s, T-34s and Kv-1s, and sometimes KV-8s. Keep bringing in StuGs, maybe adding a mortar halftrack or two, and a flamer-251, and methodically establish map control. Toward the end—somewhere in the 25-40 minute range—you’ll be able to attack the Russian base pretty easily, but usually by then the Russian score will be near zero anyway.