Officer Assassination


Bad coding, terrible cheating. Skip it.


Theater of War Mission Pack: The Southern Fronts

Mission: Kharkov Divide

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: N/A


Don’t bother with this one if you’re playing with a CPU ally (the condition for which this guide is written). Each of the two German forces has an irreplaceable Tiger and can use no other tanks, and the CPU ally makes little effort to protect its Tiger from destruction, so it always loses it in the first 10 minutes, and then collapses, leaving you to deal with both Russian forces, both stupidly overpowered. Even aside from the incompetent CPU-ally coding, the nerfs to your units, buffs to Russian units, and general AI cheats are so egregious here that you may just feel like a fool for wasting time with the mission. One example: Your Tiger will take three shots to kill an M5 halftrack, but a Russian Zis gun will take just two shots to kill your Tiger. Another example: Any Russian conscript squad has AT-nades that can immobilize and seriously damage your Tiger; any two of these squads can therefore easily kill the tank. Third example: Russian penals with PTRSs will wipe any of your squads, including grenadiers, from long range in seconds. Last example: The Russians on this mission often use one of the game’s worst cheats, propaganda artillery, which forces all your units in the vicinity of the “exploding propaganda bombs” to immediately retreat, e.g., just as they are capping a VP after a desperate battle against near-overwhelming odds. You can win this mission, and on occasion it’s even easy, but to me as a customer the bad coding and the cheating feel like an insult—and make me feel guilty about posting these guides and thereby encouraging people to waste time on a bad product.

[updated 23 May 2021]