Indirect Fire


A pretty lame solo mission in which you use Katyushas to destroy buildings.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Operation Barbarossa

Mission: Indirect Fire

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: none (this is a special solo mission)


Phase 1: Scan the map for the nearest German buildings (flags outside) and then start your 2 Katyushas pounding them. Will take 4-6 Katyusha salvos to kill one of those buildings, depending on the firing distance/accuracy. Send your infantry to take the territory point just north of your base and look W-NW of there for 2 abandoned Katyushas. Get those, use engineers to repair, bring them back to your base, and start hitting buildings. Build up a force for taking more territory points, including for example engineer squads with flamethrowers, snipers, and conscripts that can scrounge German weapons. Use Katyushas to soften up the territory points you’re going to take, if they are manned by German units. Keep one sniper in the tower at your base, and be ready to retreat others to base in case the Germans do a base-rush.

Phase 2: Take the territory points to the E of your base and one more to the N. Man the HMGs and Katyushas you find, as you’re able (you hit the MP limit quickly). Keep pounding the German buildings—which include not only the flag-draped buildings but also HMG bunkers, muni/fuel caches at territory points, and base buildings at the far N of the map. Establish a defense line to protect your Katyushas. You should now have taken the German stronghold point to the NE of your base, at the E edge of the map, and should have your Katyushas concentrated there and protected.

Phase 3: Finish hitting all the German buildings in the main part of the map, and focus on hitting the German base (masonry building plus two base-buildings) at the NW corner of the map. If you need more time, concentrate your Katyushas on any random building, preferably one that looks easy to knock down—you get an extra minute of time for each ordinary building you level.

Note that you can knock out ammo/fuel caches and bunkers (which also count as buildings) with Paks or demo charges, not just with Katyushas.