General Winter


A fairly easy winter 1941 mission that introduces the two basic 1941 strategies: get KV-1s or amass a blob of penals.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Operation Barbarossa

Mission: General Winter

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: Any


This one really isn’t much of a challenge on General if you have some COH2 experience.

You start by using your initial three conscript squads to take points near your base, including the VP and the munitions point on the riverbank. The squads will have to find or build fires to avoid freezing to death during the blizzard. At the VP and the muni point there is an abandoned 251 that can be re-crewed and driven with minimal repair.

One strategy is to go all-infantry until late-game. Use your starting engineer squad to build the tech building for penals. Bring in penals and an occasional scout car. Move everyone to the muni point, except for one conscript squad in a building guarding the VP on your side of the river. Keep your supply lines open, upgrade your penals with PTRSs asap, and get enough scout cars that most of your infantry can ride. When you have at least three penals upgraded that way, plus an engineer squad with flamethrowers, and these key units are carried by scout cars (from which they can fire while mobile), take your force, with conscripts and any other squads following on foot, across the frozen river to the bank below the right VP and enter the VP. You will be met by a blob of grenadiers and pios but your penals with PTRSs and flamer-engineers, whether dismounted or firing from scout cars, should make short work of them. After that, secure the VP, add another penal or two, and defend against attacks. Three or four penals with PTRSs will damage even a Panzer IV enough to force it to retreat. Bring in a mortar team—I like call-in 120mms. The Germans usually don’t make much of an effort to take the lower-bank VP but anyway keep a unit covering it. Now you have two VPs and your CPU-ally should eventually manage to take the third at the top left of the map.

The other popular strategy is to secure points near your base with conscripts and engineers and, as quickly as you can, tech for KV-1s. Use the first one to lead your force across the river to take the right VP, and add more to reinforce the position. You can wait for the German points to count down, or get three KV-1s and attack the German base.

General Winter -- right VP
after taking the right VP

You can use similar strategies when playing from the upper base. In that case go for the left VP while helping out at the middle VP.

[updated 5 Dec 2020]