One of the easiest German missions.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Case Blue

Mission: Convoy

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: None—this is a special solo mission.


The Russian convoys will enter the map at the upper left star and—if you let them—exit at the lower right star. The area around each star is fortified with bunkers and HMGs, so stay clear. The basic strategy is to repair existing barricades to force the convoy to take a route ending at the bottom of the river, and there sink/destroy the vehicles mostly with mines or mortars, while hitting the accompanying infantry with your scout car cannon, LMGs, flamethrower, etc. Whenever you kill the escorting tanks and trucks in a convoy (there are three convoys, at intervals of a few minutes) the infantry will flee, so focus most of your attention on the Russian vehicles, not infantry.

In more detail:

  • Use one squad of pioneers to repair the barricades at two points on the right bank of the river; the first of these points is just to the left of one of the starting pioneers. These pios can then search the right side of the river for wrecked vehicles (to scrounge munition points), and then head to the bottom of the map, right side of the river, where your force will have its forward base.
  • The other squad of pios can salvage wrecks on the left side of the river and then head to the forward base at the bottom of the river.
  • The 251 can lay a Reigel mine in the middle of the river about 20m below the mid-map river crossing (now blocked on the right side by a barricade), and then another one at the bottom of the river just before the lower right bank road.
  • One of the grens can take up a position on the right bank overlooking the river about 20m above the right bank road. The other can stand at the left side of the lower river, to machine-gun or panzerfaust any vehicles.
  • There is an abandoned mortar on the right bank about 20m above the lower river crossing. Use one of your pios to man it, and keep it far enough from the river that the crew won’t be killed by infantry or tank fire. Use other units on the bank to spot for it.
  • Position the scout car near the bottom river crossing to pop trucks as they approach. Back it away when tanks approach. In principle the scout car’s cannon can damage KV tanks’ rear armor, so on the last mission maybe have it enter the river mid-map to follow the KVs after they have passed.
  • After the first convoy, you’ll get an extra gren and panzergren squad; upgrade the latter with an AT rifle and post it where it can hit tanks and other vehicles along that lower stretch of the river.
  • Lay new mines for each new convoy. Consider laying “for insurance” a Reigel mine on the lower road just in from the lower river crossing, in case a truck survives your attack and manages to drive off the river towards the exit.

The first convoy of 2 or 3 trucks will be guarded by a T-70. The second will be guarded by a T-34. The third set of trucks will be guarded by a KV-1 plus a KV-8 flamethrower tank. Mines and mortars are your best bets for killing the tanks. Note that, although you should have plenty of munitions points, Teller mines are cheaper than Reigel mines and should do the job just as well when placed on the river ice.

This mission should take only 14-15 minutes.