One of the better TOW missions.


Theater of War Mission Pack: Operation Barbarossa

Mission: Blitzkrieg

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: none (this is a special solo mission)

Your mission is to run around the map, capping points against Russian opposition. Once capped, points stay capped. The Russians have a set of large artillery pieces at the north of the map.

Your first target should be the territory point—field hospital—just WSW of your start point. Take that and the nearby point to the south. Upgrade your tanks with HMGs and your scout cars with 20mm cannons. Head back north towards the field hospital and go W to take the point down in the bowl. Here you will face serious opposition for the first time, in the form of one or two Guards Rifle infantry with PTRSs, which are absurdly overpowered and will kill tanks in ~10 seconds and any lighter vehicle in a couple of eye-blinks. Do the poke/retreat/repair thing until the Russian infantry are all dead. Take the point and then cautiously, from the north, approach the next point to the W at the top of the hill. Always approach with tanks first—the CPU imposes huge visibility penalties so it can surprise you with strong weapons, which often will insta-wipe your unarmored units. Kill the guards rifle and partisan-AT squad at this fourth point, and use your tank duo or panzergrenadiers to kill the Zis crew hiding at the SE corner of that point.

two tanks
approach territory points with tanks first

Once you cap this point, Russian infantry units may materialize around you and attack, possibly from all sides. Be ready with your tanks and scout cars, and keep your softer units where they can hide if necessary. Once you’ve fended off the attack, scrounge the two Zis guns at this point, heal/reinforce your units, and upgrade one of your 251s with a flamethrower.

Note: German Panzer IVs on this map are very nerfed until they get to vet-2 or vet-3. Two vet-0 Pz4s will struggle to kill a vet-2 T-70.

Now upgrade one of your 251s with flamethrowers, and head NW to take the vehicle depot. There will be blood—especially if the Russians hear you coming. Try to sneak up on the unmanned Russian tanks just N and S of the territory point. Kill the Russian engineers with your flamer-251 before they can man the tanks and start shooting. Man/repair at least one T-34 and one KV-1, and destroy the rest. You will have to spend some time fending off infantry/tank counter attacks, and then you’ll have to spend some time repairing. But now you should have a full pop-cap, mostly vetted-up force. Make sure your pioneers and panzergrens are healed and full strength.

You now have taken 5 points. Send a couple of tanks and a panzergren squad to take the points immediately NE and E, and deal with any Russian tanks/infantry that attack. Finally, send your entire force on a rapid tank attack to the artillery position at the north of the map. You can let your foot infantry take the point at the base of this hill. Follow your tanks with scout cars (if any survive) and the flamer-251—deal with the Guards Rifle squads guarding the artillery, then the artillery.

When you’ve finished taking 10 points you fulfill the victory condition. For a bonus you can take the other four points on the map.

As you start to do this, you will be attacked from all sides by Zis guns, elite infantry, and Russian tanks. Deal with this as well as you can, heal up, and then work your way down the map. Watch out for the minefield to the SE of the artillery hill you just took. The points on the island at the bottom of the map are fairly well defended—take those next-to-last, and use CAS if you have munitions to spare.

The point immediately to the W of the island normally is the hardest point on this map, as it has Zis guns, HMGs, mines, 120mm mortars, T-34s and KV-1s, plus many AT-capable, grenade-throwing infantry squads. Upgrade your other 251 with flamethrowers, if you still have it, and get ready for a major firefight. Try to approach from multiple angles. This is a good place to use your call-in CAS.

[updated 12 May 2021]