There’s a long way to win this, and a short way . . .


Theater of War Mission Pack: Case Blue

Mission: Assault on Voronezh

Difficulty Level: General

Commander: Anything with mortar halftracks and/or vehicle scope can be useful, but this should be a very short (<12-mins) mission.


“Assault on Voronezh” is a scripted co-op scenario. You have to take the default first slot with armor—the CPU ally AI cannot handle that armor effectively.

Start by upgrading one of your Panzer IVs to have an HMG. Call in another pio squad. Move E with your three tanks to the riverside and engage the Russian T-34s and T-70 there. You will probably have to retreat and repair before you can defeat them all. There isn’t much room to maneuver, but try to bring in at least one scout car to help you deal with Russian infantry. Upgrade one of your pios with mine-clearing gear.

Head S to cap the territory point before the bridge, and deal with any remaining Russian tanks.

Call in another StuG when you can.

Call in a mortar halftrack unit if you can.

Use your pios with mine-clearing ability to spot and clear mines in front of the bridge. You also can use your tanks to detonate the mines and clear a path. Bring up two tanks and kill the Russian T-34 just across the bridge.

Call in another Panzer IV when you can.

Repair your forces. Cross the bridge and pull up before the first VP. If the Russians have abandoned a Zis field gun nearby, grab it with pios. Deal with the Russian DShK machine gun if needed.

Shell the Russian base ahead of you on the road with mortars from your halftrack, to draw out the two vet-2 KV-1s. If you don’t have a mortar halftrack, send a scout car ahead on the road, in front of the Russian base. Follow it with your entire tank force plus Zis field gun if you have one. Spot the two vet-2 KV-1s. Focus fire on one till it’s killed, then the other. The KV-1s can two-shot each of your tanks, so you will lose some, but usually not all, of your armor. Try to hit them from behind or the sides.

Bring your remaining tanks and other units (in vehicles) into the Russian base. Watch out for the field gun at the back. Start pounding any Russian units, plus the base buildings. Once you have killed the units guarding the base, some kind of incendiary self-destruct system will be triggered and the base will burn up and you will win.

Should finish in 10 or 11 minutes.

Note that at around this time, 10 minutes in, a Zis truck and a T-70 will show up at your own base. They won’t damage your base buildings quickly enough that you need to divert any forces from the city. You should be able to build another tank by about 12 minutes anyway.

[updated 15 May 2021]