There are four parts or phases to the challenging Ouren mission: 1. Charge across a bridge at the south of the town and take a territory point just north of the bridge. 2. Heal up and prep defenses of that point (TTs, FPs, crew abandoned weapons). 3. Send a small, mobile force (e.g., a Stuart) to the point at the north bridge and, with artillery support, take it. 4. Defend against multiple waves of infantry and armor attacks on the point at the south bridge.

To win gold, you have to succeed in taking the two bridge points and then in defending the south bridge point from German capture.

Here is a more detailed description, for schreck-upgraded Rangers which are ideal for this mission. If you use another company instead, try to have comparable firepower, and get a Sherman instead of a Stuart.

First phase (take the point above the south bridge):

Your Fox Co. should be vet-2 in which case you start with two Ranger squads, an RE squad, and a Stuart tank. At the start of the mission, immediately take the nearby point NW of your base (a half-strength German volksgren squad is there), while adding two or three more Ranger squads (one squad can be the Lt. squad) for your main attack. The next point up the map is at the south side of Ouren’s south bridge. An HMG and a volksgren squad guard it, and the point is covered by a mortar team in the point to the north of the bridge. There is also a German MG at the very north end of the bridge, plus a Pak, panzerfusiliers, obersoldaten, and fallschirmjaegers, and the mortar team, within the point just north of the bridge, which is your main goal in this phase.

When you’re ready, run your Stuart straight at the point below the bridge and cross the bridge without slowing. Head towards the point above the bridge. Rangers follow. When the Stuart passes the HMG and volksgrens at the point below the bridge, they will rout. Ditto for the HMG at the north end of the bridge. So your infantry have a clear path to the point above the bridge. Micro as needed to destroy that large German infantry force as well as other infantry units that counter-attack from the nearby fuel point. Keep your Stuart alive—it’s agile. Put a Ranger squad in the building on the north edge of this point. Cap the point. This is your new forward base (FB). Use your RE squad to crew an abandoned MG34 and put it in the small building at the south edge of the FB. Use another RE squad to re-crew the mortar.

Second phase (prep defenses):

Bring in an ambulance and at least three more RE squads, then more Rangers till you max your pop cap. Use your ambulance to heal/reinforce wounded squads.

Use your RE squads to lay TTs to block armor thrusts from E, N, and W—and down to the river if possible. With mortar/artillery support, take out the HMG at the nearby fuel point. Move three or four full strength Ranger squads into the fuel point area, destroying all German units there, demolishing the base building, capping the point, and laying demo charges in the point and on approach paths from N and E.

There is a medium-sized building about 50 m WNW of your FB. Use schrecks or tank fire to reduce the building integrity so that one or two shots will collapse it—then leave it for German squads to occupy later during the main attack.

Crew another abandoned MG34 and place it behind your line of TTs against the north face of the house at the N edge of your FB, to cover German attacks from the fuel point area.

Build FPs (upgrade with HMGs asap) to cover infantry attacks on your FB from E, N, W.

Bring in a Major and post him at the S edge of the FB to serve as a retreat point. This is really important.

Third phase (take north bridge point):

When there are only a few minutes left before the German attack starts, run your Stuart (or, if you have no tank, two or three Ranger squads) to the point to the WNW of your FB. Take that point. Then run the tank as quickly as possible to the point at the south end of the north bridge. Use tank fire or artillery to kill any nearby German units (allied units across the river will help). When safe to do so, disembark crew to cap the point. When the point is capped, re-embark the crew, and head back to your FB the way you came. Do not linger or Paks will find you.

Fourth phase (defend forward base above south bridge)

Lt. squad in building at the N edge of the FB. Four Ranger squads just north of that, behind your TTs and beside your HMG, to handle attacks from N. Remaining Ranger squads cover W and E approaches, switching on schrecks when needed. RE squads can crew the decrewed Pak at the FB and crew FPs. Stuart sits in the center to handle any infantry threat that starts to come close.

If you micro your Rangers and other units (pausing frequently) you can destroy just about any threat coming from any direction.

Other notes:

  • The Germans have superior numbers and firepower but they (implausibly) attack piecemeal, so if you are set up properly and can reinforce quickly, you should manage without heavy casualties. On levels 3 and up you can expect to see heavy German armor such as a Tiger tank and Jagdpanzer, sometimes all at once.
  • Keep the ambulance where it’s out of the main line of fire but can still heal/reinforce units.
  • Use the small building below the point for cover but beware (a) grenades, and (b) a sudden collapse from grenade, mortar, or tank-fire, that kills your units inside.
  • Watch out for a big AI “cheat” on this mission—some German units will be virtually immune to HMG fire, allowing them to walk or crawl right up and grenade your weapons crews. If you retreat your HMG (it will run to the Major) at the moment you see a German unit in a good position to grenade, you might be able to save some of the crew.
  • If you build a fuel or muni cache at the territory point below the S bridge, your tanks coming up from your main base will not be able to get onto the bridge.
  • RE squads sometimes get stuck while laying TTs and have to be sent off.
  • Side missions involving the assassination of a VIP or killing of a damaged tank in the upper left corner of the map can usually be left to your CPU ally to achieve for you, provided that you have taken the N bridge for him.