This one seems made for Baker Co. but is easy enough to do with any company, especially on the usual level two difficulty. You can head immediately with your starting units to the nearest territory point and take it from the single (usually sturmpioneer) squad guarding it. Once you have two to three well armed (BAR or LMG) infantry squads, preferably in one or two halftracks, take the first artillery point and then the second; the order doesn’t matter. Crew each artillery piece with an RE squad and start barrages to support your ally in the north. Do not use one artillery gun to bombard the other—it will destroy the bombarded gun, which you want to capture intact and use, and that will cost you the gold medal. To get the gold medal you need to capture both guns and finish the mission reasonably quickly. How quickly? I don’t know because I never was that slow about it. In other words, it’s not hard to get gold.

Get a lieutenant, if you haven’t already, and bring in a couple of AT guns. The next point on the left as you head north is a munitions point, also usually not too well guarded, and you want to take this, and the point to the right of it, while you’re waiting for your AT guns to arrive. You can also get a Captain or another AT gun. Beyond that you don’t really need more manpower to win, at this point.

The final VP to the north is heavily guarded with an HMG and a Pak, and a Panzer lies just NW of it, behind some broken buildings, ready to leap out at your forces if they try to take the point. So, use two single-gun-salvoes of your captured artillery to pound that point, hopefully wiping the Pak and HMG crews, and then go in with gunned-up infantry—and your AT guns, and any squads that have managed to salvage schrecks—and finish off what’s left, including the Panzer.

When you’ve killed the Panzer and have taken the point and healed/reinforced, the task remaining is to kill the German infantry and vehicles just north and northwest of your position. Easiest way is to set up a defense of the VP (crew any abandoned HMGs), with forward spotters so the Germans can’t pull the fog-of-war over your eyes, and use your artillery on the remaining Germans to wipe them or at least force them to attack into your HMGs and AT guns. There is usually a Jagdpanzer and a Panzer IV—on difficulty level 2—plus a lot of elite infantry such as fallschirmjaegers, panzerfusiliers, and MG42s, so you will need to be ready. On higher difficulty levels expect even larger armored vehicles. Once those vehicles and German Pak/HMG crews are killed the remnants of the German infantry should flee and the mission will end.