The mission here is not to hold VPs or drive German victory points down, but simply to destroy 5 German command trucks. You can take your time about it, unless you’re after the gold medal, in which case you need to hurry—you win gold by destroying the command trucks within some unspecified time period. I almost always have won gold, so it’s not that hard. Just remember to stay focused on the main goal of finding/killing command trucks, capping points only as strictly needed for supply purposes.

Beware the 1 or 2 command trucks that have flak guns. If you have a vulnerable unit that gets stuck in a flak truck’s field of fire, retreat it. The best way to kill these trucks is with mortars or larger call-in artillery—although in principle a flak truck also can be killed by infantry, using one cheap squad as a decoy and bringing in others to hit it (with bazookas, for example) from the opposite direction. The rest can be killed also with close-range tank (even Stuart) fire, bazookas, schrecks, or AT guns.

Usually there are three command trucks on the main part of the map, plus a mobile command truck (it looks just like an ordinary truck) which can be anywhere, and a command truck inside the base. So at some point you’ll need to enter the base, which means destroying the protective flak emplacements with mortars or other artillery, or massed schreck attacks, then going in and finishing off the last truck while fending off infantry attacks.

On level 1 or 2 this is not very difficult. On level 3 or 4 or 5, watch out for elite German infantry and strafing Stukas.