This can be one of the more challenging missions in Ardennes Assault, because you don’t get the usual flow of MP for reinforcements—you get MP only at ~5 minute intervals, though you can cut those intervals short by killing enemy officers. So you absolutely have to make the most of the units you have to cap VPs right away to start the German score moving down, and then control at least two—always try for three on maps where that is feasible, to get the mission over before German tanks roll in.

Rangers, upgraded with panzerschrecks, are an obvious choice here because they are excellent at handling both infantry and vehicles. They also can lay demo charges, which are very helpful in thwarting German VP-capping attempts. Even more helpful is the Ranger special capability allowing, after 2 command points, the trading of munitions for extra manpower. But you don’t absolutely need Rangers. At level two difficulty, for example, Able Co. can make this look easy and can win so quickly that the Germans never bring out armor beyond a couple of kubelwagens. On the other hand, at level four difficulty with Rangers, you can expect to see a King Tiger within a few minutes.

Typically you’ll start the mission with manpower enough for a couple of squads, and you’ll have a starting RE squad and medic truck at your base—use the squads to take and hold VPs, and the truck to take a VP and back-cap to get your resource supply going. If you can get all three VPs blue right away, so the mission runs quickly, you may be able to hold your VPs with nothing more than an HMG and an infantry squad each, i.e, you may never need AT support. In any case, there should be opportunities for capturing German weapons including infantry AT weapons and tanks.

I believe that you win gold here by keeping your own score above 200 points, which for an experienced player shouldn’t be overly difficult—in fact, a 250 to 0 score is very doable on a level 2 or 3 difficulty map.